Product specific questions

No. Normal 70cl / 75cl wine bottles, which weigh more than 400gr., have at least 6-8 bar internal pressure upon leaving the glass factory (production). – Maximum measured uncorking pressure is 4.2 bar – Important! Chianti or non-cylindrical wine bottles (bulbous-form) must not be opened with the Corky. These bottles are not standardized and are not suitable.
The needle is made of surgical steel.

The surgical steel needle can not break when properly used.
The Corky is guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.
The Corky is especially suitable for old and expensive wines, whose corks are fragile and at risk of crumbling. For this reason, we use a needle and compressed air, thus saving great wines from disaster by keeping the cork intact and preventing pieces of cork from falling into the wine.

Company specific questions

The Corky has been produced exclusively in Switzerland since 1965 (Made in Switzerland).

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