Corky – Made in Switzerland is a unique, modern and high-quality air pressure wine opener that makes uncorking a wine bottle simple and easy.

This high-tech device was developed by Swiss specialists and every aspect of this air pressure uncorker is sophisticated in detail and designed so that it leads to a perfect end result. With the purchase of Corky, you can easily, quickly and safely enjoy the variety of top wines.

How does Corky work?

Remove any protective caps on the sleeves and neck.

  1. Completely insert the needle into the cork. Ensure the entire length of the needle is inserted into the cork. As a precaution, wrap a towel around the bottle.
  2. Hold bottle and depress the pump completely several times.
  3. Controllable lifting – Use the thumb to control the cork’s movement.


Important: The needle of the Corky must always be tightened; no damaged, non-cylindrical or Chianti bottles can be opened with Corky. Use only for opening wine bottles. Keep out of reach of children

10 Great reasons to choose Corky

  1. Swiss quality product since 1965 (The first air pressure bottle opener)
  2. Easy and ideal product for comfortable and safe uncorking
  3. No chipping or breaking the bottle neck
  4. No torn or damaged corks
  5. Controllable removal of the cork
  6. Maximum airflow rate per pump kick – just a few pumping movements required
  7. 2 years warranty
  8. Excellent customer service
  9. We ship to any destination
  10. Original, unique and distinctive corkscrew – Made in Switzerland


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